Good friend

Kenzo was quite excited, “Today I am going to tell you about a good friend of yours who you have not met for a long while!”

I was trying to guess who this mystery friend could be, but no names came to my mind, “I cannot even begin to imagine who this could be. Are you sure it is a friend of mine?”

“Of course I am sure. In fact, this particular friend is a very important one. However, I suspect that you have been ignoring this friend for quite a while. The friend that I am referring to, is actually your ‘mind’. Your mind is a very important friend that you need to get to know very well if you are to be happy. Since you have not really paid attention to your mind for so long, rekindling your friendship with it won’t be instantaneous. However, once you reach out to your mind, your friendship with it will strengthen over time. As we discuss how to be happy in the coming days, understanding your mind will be crucial. Therefore, when you come to see me, don’t forget to bring your friend along as well. Without your mind, we won’t make much progress towards learning how to be happy!